We have an exciting announcement!  

T1D Exchange has partnered with Express Feedback for Good™ to bring you a way to help raise over $40,000 to support our mission without spending a cent. We know this year has been difficult financially for a lot of people, so we are excited to give you a way to create donations just by giving a few minutes of your time.   

Your participation in this innovative program will help us continue to improve patient outcomes and quality of life for those living with type 1 diabetes. Specifically, funding will go towards supporting a new clinic in our Quality Improvement Collaborative (QIC).  

Here’s how it works:  

Now through December 31, each time you share your opinions about brands and products via Express Feedback for Good, $2 will be donated directly to T1D Exchange. You can personally create up to $150 of value by sharing up to 75 opinions!  

Please click button below or the video above to learn more and get started supporting T1D Exchange from the comfort of your home! 

When you join Express Feedback for Good on behalf of T1D Exchange, your personal information is not sold or shared. During the 30-day campaign, you will receive reminders from EFFG to submit feedback and help us raise money. You may opt out at any time.