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How to get screened for T1D autoantibodies.

It only takes a blood test to detect the earliest stages of T1D! There are a few options for getting screened, which are linked below.


Can be done by at-home test kit, at a local lab, or in-person at a TrialNet location.

Cost: Free


  • Ages 2.5 and 45 who have a parent, child, or sibling with T1D
  • Ages 2.5 to 20 who have a grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew with T1D
  • Ages 2.5 to 45 who have previously tested positive for at least one T1D-related autoantibody

Process: You’ll sign up to request a test kit. The test kit is mailed to your house. If you requested an in-person lab kit, you’ll make an appointment with a Quest or LabCorp blood draw facility in your area. Just attend your appointment; they manage the rest — including safely shipping your blood to the TrialNet labs!

Results: TrialNet will email your results to you. If you test positive, you’ll receive further support on intervention opportunities!

Blood tests ordered by a health care provider

You can ask your primary care provider or your child’s pediatrician to send an order for a type 1 diabetes autoantibody panel to your local blood lab.

Cost: Based on your personal insurance coverage

Availability: With your health care provider’s support and cooperation, there are no obstacles to having this blood test requested and performed.

Process: This intravenous blood draw would be performed in the lab where your health care provider or your child’s pediatrician sends the orders.

Results: If you receive positive results, you and your doctor/child’s pediatrician should reach out immediately to TrialNet, ASK, or PLEDGE for further support on potential clinical trials and resources.

Autoimmunity Screening for Kids (ASK)

Free screenings for type 1 diabetes and celiac disease through the Barbara Davis Center at University of Colorado.

Cost: Free

Availability: Anyone in the U.S., regardless of family history of either disease. Although ASK is primarily for children under 18, they also offer an adult screening option.

Process: You can order an at-home screening kit or schedule an in-person appointment at locations throughout Colorado. A small blood sample is collected and tested for autoantibodies for type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.

Results: You will be contacted with the results of the screening. If the results are positive, ASK will confirm these results and provide free follow-up and monitoring.

PLEDGE (Population Level Estimate of Type 1 Diabetes Risk Genes in Children)

Sanford Health offers general population screening for type 1 diabetes and celiac autoantibodies through the PLEDGE study.

Cost: Free

Availability: Children who:

  • Are ages 0-5 or ages 9-16
  • Receive routine care at Sanford Health
  • Have a My Sanford Chart account

Process: You can enroll in the PLEDGE study through your My Sanford Chart. When you visit your Sanford clinic lab for your routine clinic appointments (or at any other time convenient for you), a small sample of blood will be collected for autoantibody screening.

Results: See your results in your My Sanford Chart. If your child screens positive for T1D or Celiac antibodies, the PLEDGE study team will contact you and your child’s primary care provider to discuss options for monitoring or intervention.

This content was developed independently by T1D Exchange and was supported by a healthcare contribution from Sanofi.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this webpage is not intended to replace medical guidance from your health care provider. T1D Exchange recommends using the above resources with expert guidance from your healthcare provider. Positive autoantibody tests should be followed up with additional testing to confirm the results under the guidance of your healthcare provider.