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Know the facts about T1D autoantibody screening.

T1D Screening Myths vs. Facts

Let’s bust some of the myths around T1D screening! (rollover each myth to see the fact)

T1D Screening MYTH: Screening is only for immediate relatives of people with T1D and can only be done in young people.

T1D Screening FACT:

Anyone can get screened for T1D autoantibodies, regardless of age or family history. Approximately 85 to 90 percent of people diagnosed with T1D have no family history of the disease.

T1D Screening MYTH: If someone I know has symptoms of T1D, I’ll notice and be able to diagnose them quickly.

T1D Screening FACT:

T1D Screening FACT: Although you may recognize symptoms, autoantibody screening can detect the presence of T1D well before a person develops symptoms.

Our Research on T1D Autoantibody Screening

Exploring Attitudes toward Autoantibody Screening in People Living with T1D, Caregivers, and First-Degree Relatives – presented at ADA 2023:

Autoantibody Screening Attitudes and Experiences in People Affected by Type 1 Diabetes – presented at ADA 2023:

Health Care Provider Awareness and Attitudes Towards Type 1 Diabetes Antibody Screening – presented at ADA 2023:

T1D Autoantibody Screening Resources

This content was developed independently by T1D Exchange and was supported by a healthcare contribution from Sanofi.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this webpage is not intended to replace medical guidance from your health care provider. T1D Exchange recommends using the above resources with expert guidance from your healthcare provider.

Positive autoantibody tests should be followed up with additional testing to confirm the results under the guidance of your healthcare provider.