Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the diabetes community united to celebrate an unforgettable National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) throughout November. Countless virtual events and online campaigns promoting awareness, fundraising, and research made for an accessible NDAM marked by resilience and adaptability.  

T1D Exchange: Registry Facts, Personal Stories, and an Exciting Partnership  

T1D Exchange hosted two major online campaigns to commemorate NDAM. With 30 Facts in 30 Days, we shared facts and insights about the T1D Exchange Registryour comprehensive research study of people with type 1 diabetes in the United States.  

These facts called attention to the real impact made by our Registry memberswhich include people living with type 1 diabetes and their parents/guardiansLooking to learn more? Check out our Registry info page, or revisit our 30 Facts in 30 Days posts anytime on Instagram or Facebook. 

Our second campaign, Why I Joined, encouraged video submissions from some inspiring, diverse voices in our community. Registry members shared short, personal videos about why they joined the Registry and what diabetes research means to them. Check out one of our favorites from Christel Oerum of Diabetes Strong 

By highlighting a variety of experiences and perspectives, Why I Joined helped cast a much-needed spotlight on the value of diversity in research. We are excited to share more videos on our social media pages over the coming months. Share your video telling us why T1D research is important to you! 

On November 23rdT1D Exchange announced our new fundraising partnership with Express Feedback for GoodFrom now until December 31st, you can contribute to diabetes research by sharing your opinions about products, services, or brand experiences. Each time you share an opinion, $2 will be donated directly to T1D Exchange, up to a maximum of 75 opinions. A few minutes of your time is all it takes to make a difference! 

Other Impactful NDAM Campaigns 

Thanks to the efforts of these organizations and their supporters, the online diabetes community spent November united around positive and impactful messages of hope, change, and action.  

  • #TheDropSpotted by Beyond Type 1 — T1D is an invisible condition, but only for those who don’t live with it. From the stress of blood sugar management, to the mental impact of type 1 diabetes, and beyond, this social media campaign brought awareness to the everyday reality of living with T1D. 
  • #PowerOfUs by JDRF — JDRF’s NDAM message focused on strength and power. The iconic T1D organization kicked things off on November 1st by encouraging followers to share #T1Day posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The rest of the month was all about the #PowerofUs: a positive social media movement that celebrated the strength, resilience, and perseverance shared by all members of the T1D community. 
  • We Stand Greater Than Diabetes by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) — Health equity was at the forefront of the ADA’s NDAM strategy for 2020. This theme was reflected across most of their events, from a live panel about Diversity in Diabetes, to a series of chats with members of the diabetes community, and beyond. The ADA’s campaign focused on confronting prejudice, encouraging advocacy, advocating for preventative care, and funding research. The organization did more than just talk about change—they also promoted action by encouraging supporters to sign a letter to their Governor asking for the elimination of systemic barriers to care for people with diabetes. 
  • College Diabetes Week ’20 by College Diabetes Network (CDN) — November 9-14 marked College Diabetes Week. In honour of the organization’s 10th birthday, the theme of #CDW20 was peer support. Followers were encouraged to fill social media with positive messages of gratitude for their peer networks, and the week’s online celebrations culminated with a virtual birthday party for CDN on November 12. 
  • #NursesMakeTheDifference by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) —The IDF’s focus for the month was World Diabetes Day (WDD), which took place on November 14. In addition to calling much-needed attention to the role of nurses in diabetes care, the IDF also provided a hub for individuals and organizations around the world to share their WDD activities. According to this user-populated map, 449 events were held in 105 different countries to commemorate WDD! The IDF’s Blue Circle Selfie app, which allows users to share selfies that promote the use of the universal symbol for diabetes, was a particularly fitting tool for a virtual WDD focused on the diversity of the diabetes community. 

Stay Connected with the T1D Exchange Online Community  

NDAM may be over, but there are still lots of ways to stay connected with other members of the T1D community. You can start by joining the T1D Exchange Online Community (formerly known as Glu). Share your experiences through our Question of the Day, keep up with the latest T1D news, and stay connected to others all year long.