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The T1D Exchange Registry

Harness the power of the patient voice

Interacting with our extensive T1D patient community enables us to identify their most significant hardships and to develop tools and resources to support them.

The T1D Exchange Registry is a longitudinal research study designed to capture the experiences and challenges of individuals living with T1D. It tracks disease progress over time and includes over 18,000* participants affected by T1D in the U.S., with over 14,000 completing the baseline questionnaire.

The T1D Exchange Registry gathers information directly from these individuals, including data on disease management, CGM data, and self-reported outcomes. Eligible participants complete an annual questionnaire and have the option to participate in additional research studies throughout the year that we share on behalf of our research partners.

Participate in research opportunities

The Registry connects academic and industry researchers to participants, providing participants with a dashboard of curated T1D research opportunities. By reducing barriers to research participation, we have recruited several thousands of people with T1D into research studies through the T1D Exchange Registry.

Once enrolled, opportunities to participate in additional studies related to type 1 diabetes will also be made available to you. Study opportunities may include answering surveys about your experiences with T1D, uploading health device data, or discussing T1D with expert researchers and medical professionals.

T1D Exchange research has led to a number of advances and improvements for people with T1D including:

  • Insurance coverage for blood glucose meter strips,
  • Changes in American Diabetes Association guidelines for pediatric A1c goals,
  • FDA expansion of Dexcom CGM labeling to include finger stick replacements,
  • Medicare coverage of CGM devices.

Be heard. Support the type 1 diabetes community. Drive research that matters.

Are you interested in helping the Registry grow?

The more people we have in our Registry, the more we can study different aspects of living with T1D — including your experience with diabetes burnout, medications, technology, parenting, and more.