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Quality Improvement Committees

Clinical Leadership

The Clinical Leadership is comprised of each clinical center PI from the Quality Improvement Collaborative. The Committee provides expert consultation, deliberation, and advice on the overall quality improvement initiatives, including aims, drivers, interventions to improve processes and clinical outcomes in diabetes care.  Advice on strategic direction of the collaborative and new partnership exploration.

Data Governance

The Data Governance Committee (DGC) expands research and QI focus through academic and industry support for projects and support collaborative viability by reviewing new EMR data-based industry/sponsored project proposals, monitoring ongoing sponsored projects, and brainstorming/proposing new industry partnerships with T1DX-QI/T2DX-QI

Data Science

The Data Science committee is comprised of multidisciplinary members from clinical centers participating in the QI Collaborative. They guide development and update of T1D/T2D data specification, and metrics to support improvement efforts in the collaborative.


The Publications Committee is responsible for conducting reviews of publication proposals, following the guidance of T1DX-QI’s publication policy, providing advice on statistical methods, and contributing to discussions on best practices regarding T1DX-QI topic areas. Committee members are encouraged to review, write, solicit, and submit articles and abstracts for publication.

People with Diabetes Advisory

The Quality Improvement People with Diabetes (PWD) Advisory provides patient perspective/insight into the care experiences of those with T1D, in an effort to prioritize and improve comprehensive and compassionate person-centered and family-centered healthcare and achieve the T1DX-QI goal of providing the highest quality of care to every person with diabetes.

QI Champions

The QI Champion’s Committee is comprised of coordinators from across T1DX-QI centers. The Committee fosters interprofessional collaboration for QI analysts and coordinators to facilitate discussions on QI methodologies, QI initiatives, and QI best practices to enhance clinic processes, workflows, and patient outcomes.

HEAL (Health Equity Advancement Lab)

The T1DX HEAL Program is a network of health equity clinical and research leaders aiming to provide thought leadership around the diabetes health equity initiatives. The HEAL Program will contribute to best practices regarding equitable diabetes care through multiple strategies

International Collaboration

The International Collaboration Committee provides expert consultation, deliberation, and advice on international collaborations to promote new partnerships and relationships with other diabetes collaborative and networks.