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About Us

Our Mission

T1D Exchange is dedicated to improving outcomes for the entire T1D population through driving real-world evidence and collaborative change.


Our Vision

Better, Longer Lives for all People with T1D


Our Story

In 2009, T1D Exchange began as a non-profit organization focused on improving care and outcomes for individuals with type 1 diabetes. That mission emerged from the heartfelt desire to support a community in need, and the belief that the best way to do that was through a firm foundation of research and cross-clinical collaboration.

Our leaders also understood that without input from patients, fresh ideas would not translate to improved outcomes or quality of life. Therefore, we have launched programs, partnerships, and initiatives to gather data, both in and outside of the clinic, from patients as they live with the realities of type 1 diabetes.

From that foundation, we are now building the most robust type 1 diabetes data platform in the United States and using it to drive meaningful research and innovation in treatment, prevention, and, hopefully, a cure. With our partners, we work to increase patient access to care and resources, promote education, and advocate for policy that helps our community, and leads to better, longer lives for all with T1D.

Who we are

Our team is made up of some of the best people in the community. Get to know some of our top-notch talent dedicated to furthering the mission of T1D Exchange.


At T1D Exchange, we are committed to attracting and retaining passionate, proactive, and resourceful talent.