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Screening for type 1 diabetes autoantibodies can save lives.

Detecting type 1 diabetes early can help prevent diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

DKA is a potentially life-threatening condition, which people often experience at the time they are diagnosed with diabetes.

By detecting T1D long before blood sugar levels rise and symptoms develop, you may be able to avoid DKA and protect yourself and your loved ones from its dangerous consequences.

What is autoantibody screening?

Autoantibodies are proteins that develop in your blood when your immune system begins attacking your own body. We know there are a variety of very specific T1D-related autoantibodies.

Through T1D autoantibody screening, we can test for these specific autoantibodies and identify T1D in its earliest stages. Early detection means you can take action before blood sugars rise to dangerous levels and symptoms develop.

How does autoantibody screening work?

It only takes a blood test to detect the earliest stages of T1D! There are a few options for getting screened, which are linked here.

Answering screening questions

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this webpage is not intended to replace medical guidance from your health care provider. T1D Exchange recommends using the above resources with expert guidance from your healthcare provider. Positive autoantibody tests should be followed up with additional testing to confirm the results under the guidance of your healthcare provider.