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Recruit for the Registry

Are you an influencer in the diabetes community?

You can help recruit participants for the T1D Exchange Registry!

The more people we have in our Registry, the more we can study different aspects of living with T1D — including your experience with diabetes burnout, medications, technology, parenting, and more.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with influencers who can help us spread awareness of the Registry!

We'd love to work with you

If you are interested in helping our Registry grow, leading to better outcomes for individuals living with diabetes contact us at

Your role as a partnered influencer

As a partnered influencer, you can help us recruit new participants in our Registry! A few things to keep in mind:

  • How you get compensated: We will negotiate a payment fee with you based on our budget and your audience. Payment will be issued within 30 business days of completion of requirements.
  • What you can’t do: Our influencers cannot offer any type of compensation in exchange for people joining the Registry.
  • What you’re asking your followers to do: Joining the Registry starts with completing a 15-minute online questionnaire once a year. Once a person is registered, they’ll have access to their own portal to review any potential studies or surveys.

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