The ongoing outbreak of the novel respiratory disease COVID-19 has become a significant threat to global health and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. To gain a deeper understanding of how the coronavirus is affecting people with type 1 diabetes, T1D Exchange is leading a first-of-its-kind COVID-19 research surveillance study in partnership with more than 50 clinics around the United States. 

The study is gathering data about thousands of people living with type 1 diabetes who have a proximate or definite diagnosis of the COVID-19. 

The research will measure potential outcomes in COVID-19 patients and inform future clinical quality improvement activities to better respond to the global pandemic.

On April 21, 2020, Boston WFXT 25 News highlighted on its broadcast news program the groundbreaking study being done by T1D Exchange, and asked us about whether patients with type 1 diabetes present with higher risk factors for contracting the COVID-19 infection and a greater likelihood of more intense complications or severe illness – and in a worst-case scenario, a higher probability of death.

T1D Exchange CEO David Walton tells Boston 25 News, the goal is to determine the prevalence, presentation, and progression of the virus in type one diabetes patients.

“We really want to understand those symptoms, how frequent it is, if someone has good blood sugar control, do they have no added risk of contracting it and that is the prevailing wisdom at this point,” he said.

“For type 1 patients with blood sugars not controlled, we’re seeing more adverse outcomes in that group,” added T1D Exchange Vice-President and principal investigator Dr. Osagie Ebekozien.

With the resulting data from the study, clinics, physicians, and other medical professionals will be able to provide better care and utilize more effective protocols.

Please visit the following links to watch the interview and learn more about the study on our website.