After 12 incredible years serving more than 11,500 students on over 300 campuses across 30 states, College Diabetes Network is expanding to become The Diabetes Link, in an effort to serve more Young Adults on and off campus, regardless of type of diabetes. 

The Diabetes Link offers peer support, leadership development, and expert, age-relevant resources tailored specifically to the dynamics of emerging adulthood.  In addition to growing their flagship campus network, The Diabetes Link is launching a new online resource hub that will offer 24/7 access to first-hand peer experiences and perspectives, as well as information reviewed and endorsed by clinical experts. 

Christina Roth, CEO & Founder, states, “We will stay true to our roots in type 1 diabetes, but the insights we’ve gained over these last 12 years will also benefit those with Type 2 and other types of diabetes. These young people make over 180 life-altering decisions a day, and they deserve access to support that will help them manage their diabetes AND enjoy the exhilaration of young adulthood.  We are here to guide them.”  

“As the father of a son with type 1 diabetes who just started college, I joined the board of directors to ensure that my son and all teens and young adults like him have the support and information they need to safely and successfully navigate this stage of life” says Brad Stadler, Chair of The Diabetes Link Board of Directors. “It is my privilege to continue advancing this goal while ensuring that all young adults – regardless of where they are in life or in the country, have access to the invaluable resources we have built.” 

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