At T1D Exchange, we learn so much from the vast T1D experience of our online community. Today we’re sharing the three most answered Questions of the Day in 2020!

1. Thursday, September 24th: What do you remember about your first year with diabetes?

We received an incredible 2,468 responses to this question, which made this the most thought-provoking question of the year! The three most popular responses were:

  • Adapting to a new lifestyle (9.8%)
  • No CGMs (8.7%)
  • No pumps (7.8%).

2. Thursday, September 3rd: What symptoms did you have that led to your T1D diagnosis?

Our second most popular question of 2020 had 1,763 responses with the top three answers being:

  • Increased thirst (18.8%)
  • Frequent urination (18%)
  • Unintended weight loss (15.7%)

3. Wednesday, August 5th: Where do you keep supplies for low blood sugars/hypoglycemia?

The third most popular Question of the Day got 1,641 responses with the top three answers being:

  • At home (15.8%)
  • By the bed (14.6%)
  • In the purse/bag/suitcase (14.6%)