• To understand emerging adults’ perceived impact of a
    SHE (in general) and NG on their engagement in social
    activities and distress, and to better understand
    emerging adults’ perceptions of preparedness and
    protection with NG.


  • Emerging adulthood for people with type 1 diabetes
    (T1D) is a period marked by changes in both daily life
    and diabetes management that present challenges and
  • Worrying about severe hypoglycemia (SH) during
    emerging adulthood may affect behaviors,3 while the
    psychosocial impact on social lives or distress in
    emerging adults from a potential severe hypoglycemic
    event (SHE) is unclear.
  • Nasal glucagon (NG) may help alleviate perceived
    psychosocial impact of potential SH and be associated
    with greater perceptions of preparedness and

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