Rioles, N, Peter, M, Liu, J, Chapman, K, Wolf, W, Basina, M, Akturk, H, Perez, M, Poon, J, Mitchell, B


  • Fear of hypoglycemia (FoH) negatively impacts patients’ quality of life,
    psychological well-being, and management of diabetes.
  • The American Diabetes Association position statement on psychosocial
    care suggests screening of FoH using standardized and validated tools
    and referring patients with FoH to a mental health provider.
  • Several FoH assessments exist but are not used widely in clinical
    practice and do not pinpoint areas of attention for additional treatment
    and/or diabetes education.
  • We have developed and validated a new FoH screener that would be
    short, actionable, and easy for healthcare provider (HCP) to implement
    in their routine clinical practice. 10


  • To understand HCPs’ perspectives on the importance, relevance, and
    feasibility of implementing the FoH screener into clinical practice.


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