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Why I Joined

Diabetes Awareness Month is coming up and T1D Exchange is inviting individuals to spread type 1 diabetes awareness, educate the public, and inspire others to participate in type 1 diabetes research by sharing your voice in our “Why I Joined” campaign.

Help us influence others on the importance of diabetes research by recording a short video of yourself expressing why you joined the T1D Exchange Registry, what diabetes research means to you and anything else you want to share with our community. We will be showcasing our participants stories on our website and social media channels all month long.

Your involvement in the T1D Exchange Registry helps support ongoing advocacy work and initiatives that help lead to real-world outcomes. Help us influence others to get involved during National Diabetes Awareness Month!

To record your video, find a quiet space with good lighting. This can be done using your phone, a laptop or any camera that records video. Please speak clearly and honestly.

Introduce yourself then answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you join the Registry?
  2. What does research mean to you living with Type 1 Diabetes?
  3. Why should others join the Registry?
  4. Why is diversity important in research?
  5. What is one thing you want people to know about living with Type 1 Diabetes?

When you are finished with your recording, please submit your video below (No larger than 100mb), along with a completed video release form. (The form is in PDF format and an e-signature is allowed.)

IMPORTANT: Please read before submitting

Must be 18 or older to participate, or under supervision of a parent or guardian, and submitted a signed release form.

Your video, if selected, will only be used according to the terms stated in the “Video Release Form”. T1D Exchange will never sell any personal information to third parties. The Video Release Form is required in order to participate in this program. Please use good judgement in creating your video. Any inappropriate content will not be considered.