T1D Exchange CEO, Dave Walton, was a featured speaker during the Milken Institute’s webinar, “Collecting and Sharing Patient Data: Guiding Principles, Governance, and Sustainability”, discussing important issues related to building and sustaining health data resources.

Data provided by a particular community is essential to advance research, but collecting and sharing this data can be a huge investment of time and resources for organizations that choose to facilitate this data research.

Health care groups and their research partners must determine what data is needed, how to ethically and securely collect it, how it will be managed, what can be shared, and how these efforts will be funded and sustained long-term.

During this webinar, Dave Walton is joined by other leaders within the research organization community to discuss models they have used to collect and share different types of patient data for research, as well as how they have thought about and addressed issues of guiding principles, governance, and sustainability.

View the webinar: https://milkeninstitute.org/videos/collecting-sharing-patient-data