Objective: To describe perceived burdens and benefits of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) use in CGM non-users vs. users with type 1 diabetes across the lifespan.

Research Design and Methods: The Burdens of CGM (BurCGM) and Benefit of CGM (BenCGM) questionnaires were completed at clinic visits from Feb 2019 to Nov 2019. Mean scores were calculated (scale 1-5; higher score reflects greater perceived burdens and benefits). Data collected from medical records included demographic information, CGM and insulin pump use, and HbA1c within 3 months of the visit.

Results: Participant characteristics (n=1143) and the 3 most common perceived CGM burdens (in non-CGM users) and benefits (in non-CGM users and CGM users) are shown in the Table. Individuals using real time (RT) and non-RT CGM described more benefits (mean scores 34.9 and 34.0) when compared to those who never used CGM (mean score 30.2) (p<.001). There were no differences in burdens or benefits by sex or race. Mean HbA1C was lower in CGM users (8.2%) vs. non-CGM users (mean A1c 9.3%; p<.001); 47.4% of non-CGM users vs. 29.3% of RT-CGM users and 30.6% of non-RT-CGM users had A1c>9.0%.

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