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Our 2021 Annual Report

During a year of diversity for many, T1D Exchange made a difference.

Throughout 2021, T1D Exchange continued our mission to drive research and improve outcomes for the entire T1D population through real-world evidence and collaborative change. We’ve seen tremendous growth in our programs and research capabilities by leveraging our reach across the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative (T1DX-QI), Registry, and Online Community. We’re engaging with more clinics, patients and families, industry and research partners, and advocacy groups than ever before.

In this report, we will look closely at T1D Exchange’s many contributions and achievements over the last year. Incorporating research findings and quality improvement measures into clinical care will serve to accelerate innovations and improve prevention, treatment, and health equity strategies in T1D care. We commend and congratulate the collective efforts of our staff and partners in research, clinical care, industry, and advocacy.

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