J. Liu1J.L. Poon2, J. Bispham1, M. Perez‐Nieves2, A. Hughes1, K. Chapman1, B. Mitchell2, F. Snoek3, L. Fisher4

Background and Aims: To examine reliability and validity of a newly developed fear of hypoglycemia (FoH) screener as a practical and actionable tool for in‐clinic use in adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Methods: Adults with T1D recruited from T1D Exchange Registry completed draft screener online; screener items were developed from literature review, interviews with health care professionals (HCPs) and people with T1D. Psychometric analyses assessed reliability and validity of screener. Final FoH screener comprised 9‐items assessing 2‐domains – “worry” (6‐items); “behavior” (3‐items).

Full study abstract listed under number OP014 / #379 at this link