Electronic Health Records (EHRs) allow aggregated insights on population-based health outcomes; however, these are available only to the host institution.


To describe an innovative EHR-based QI web portal; a tool to which supports sharing of best practices and clinical innovations for improvement of outcomes in patients with diabetes across nine US-based pediatric endocrinology clinics in the T1Dx-QI collaborative.


T1Dx-QI is an online platform developed with Tableau business intelligence software that launched in 2019. Participating clinics securely share patient-level de-identified data monthly to a central data warehouse that is then transmitted to the Portal. T1Dx-QI clinics can assess and benchmark their EHR data with other clinics using the same improvement metric definitions.
Clinics have access to four tabs (Figure 1): 1. The Dashboard Tab with clinic to clinic ranking on quality metrics; 2. The Compare Tab with fully customizable benchmarking features; 3. The Reports Tab with built-in statistical process control charts to identify improvement trends and filter data by demographic indicators; 4. The Library Tab where users can access case studies, QI publications, and other related improvement stories. Effectiveness of the QI Portal is measured by 1. User Engagement, the percent of participating sites accessing the Portal at least once a month, and 2. Improvement in customized QI Metrics. Examples of QI metrics are the percent of patients using a continuous glucose monitor and mean A1c.