Quality Improvement (QI) is an approach to improve type 1 diabetes outcomes and care based on a model launched by the automotive industry and adapted for healthcare. Providers take evidence-based practices and test them incrementally in the clinic, without the time and high cost of instituting a formal clinical study. The results also inform the design of future clinical trials.


Despite the surge of technology, outcomes for people with diabetes have not improved as anticipated and, in some cases, have gotten worse. The healthcare system is struggling to offer more with fewer resources. In some communities, people with diabetes are struggling to get even basic care and education. T1D Exchange Quality Improvement helps providers determine when and where care is not meeting the needs of people with type 1 diabetes and test ways to eliminate those gaps.


Providers from 10 diabetes centers formed the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative. They come together to decide where and how to deploy, test, and refine a proposed means to improve care. They work through a T1D Exchange QI process that establishes and uses metrics to track success. Members then report experiences implementing improvements back to the Collaborative. T1D Exchange shares and scales the results, crafting tools and additional training.

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To accelerate efforts and fuel innovation in the clinic, T1D Exchange built a robust and unique platform. Members use it to upload data from patients in their practices. The T1D Exchange platform automatically aggregates, cleans, and validates this data. Both T1D Exchange and providers then create reports to compare their individual data against Collaborative data to evaluate specific performance areas and target improvement efforts. Because anonymized data comes from all patients coming to the clinic, the platform enables studies of individuals with type 1 diabetes who would not otherwise self-select to participate in clinical trials.


Depression Screenings at Diabetes Clinics Dramatically Increase in T1D Exchange-Led Initiative

The T1D Exchange Learning Collaborative also uncovered that adult diabetes clinics were much less likely than pediatric clinics to offer psychological services.




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