Cossen, K, Ebekozien, O, Odugbesan, O, Ospelt, E, Corathers, S, Hansen, D, Scott, M, Mathias, P, Adams, J, Indyk, J, Levy, C, Rapaport, R

Background and Aims: Significant inequities exist in Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) and insulin pump use with lower use reported among Non‐Hispanic Blacks and Hispanic patients compared to Non‐Hispanic White patients. We aimed to understand the preference of diabetes providers in prescribing these technologies among providers in the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative (T1Dx‐QI) as part of the T1D Exchange Health Equity Advancement Lab (HEAL) Study.

Methods: T1Dx‐QI is a learning network of forty‐one US type 1 diabetes centers. Seven centers in the T1Dx‐QI were invited to participate in this study. Adult (n = 35) and pediatric (n = 75) diabetes providers completed an online survey to rank the most important factors in recommending diabetes technology. Providers ranked the following factors from most important (#1) to least important (#7); insurance, race, income, patient preference, HbA1c, Patient Age, and self‐management of blood glucose (SMBG). The results were analyzed by descriptive statistics and logistic regression models.

Full study abstract listed under number EP293 / #171 at this link