About Us

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T1D Exchange was founded on the belief that improving outcomes in type 1 diabetes (T1D) requires a new approach—one that helps researchers conduct better research faster.

    • Better because it’s patient-driven and more informed.
    • Faster because T1D Exchange provides researchers with access to resources they need to conduct clinical studies that advance therapies and improve clinical care.

Through integrated programs focused on patient engagement, clinical care and science , we enable the entire T1D ecosystem to collaborate in truly novel ways. Our innovative model offers researchers access to aggregated clinical, biological, patient-reported outcomes and electronic health record data, all while fostering collaboration among patients, physicians, researchers and industry. We have built key resources to support our strategy:

    • Health data from 28,000+ patients revealing trends, insights and discoveries about type 1
    • 75 clinics across the country with an army of clinicians caring for more than 100,000 people with type 1 and performing real-world research
    • 2,000 biosamples and an additional 2,000 people who have agreed to provide biosamples on-demand to help scientists learn more about cause and prevention of type 1
    • Tens of thousands of people touched by T1D (the ‘Glu’ community), whose voice and experiences are translated into powerful, real-world research.

Our Impact

The result of our single-access model?

It’s dramatically improving the speed and success of research. Since 2010, T1D Exchange has gone from a vision to a widely-recognized resource in the type 1 diabetes medical and research community globally. We have completed several intervention studies and we continue to leverage our model in new and innovative ways to drive better, more effective collaboration among all stakeholders working for improved outcomes in type 1 diabetes:

  • We are working with JDRF and The Helmsley Charitable Trust on a robust Health Policy Initiative to improve health outcomes and broaden the community’s access to therapies and technologies.
  • We have launched a Quality Improvement initiative that aims to improve clinical care.
  • We helped successfully accelerate a new formulation of glucagon into a potentially game-changing approach to the treatment of severe hypoglycemia.

We won’t stop until there is a worry-free life for people living with type 1 diabetes where the burden of care has been eased, quality care will be accessible and affordable and improved outcomes can be easily achieved for all.