Corathers, S, Wilford, D, Kichler, J, Smith, L, Ospelt, E, Rompicherla, S, Roberts, A, Prahalad, P, Basina, M, Munoz, C, Ebekozien, O.

Purpose of Review

Although advances in diabetes technology and pharmacology have significantly and positively impacted diabetes management and health outcomes for some, diabetes care remains burdensome and can be challenging to balance with other life priorities. The purpose of this article is to review the rationale for assessment of psychosocial domains in diabetes care settings and strategies for the implementation of psychosocial screening into routine practice. Survey data from the Type 1 Diabetes Exchange Quality Improvement Network is highlighted.

Recent Findings

Implementation of psychosocial screening requires identifying the population; selecting validated tools to assess target domains; determining frequency of screening and mode of survey delivery; and scoring, interpreting, documenting, and facilitating referrals such that these processes are part of clinical workflows.


Recognizing the influence of psychosocial factors for people with diabetes (PWD), professional society guidelines for comprehensive diabetes care recommend the integration of psychosocial screening into routine care.

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