Ospelt, E, Mungmode, A, Rioles, N, Rompicherla, S, Odugbesan, O, Hardison, H, Rowe, C, Wirsch, A, Noor, N, Ebekozien, O

Background: The T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative (T1DX-QI) is a national quality improvement network focused on improving health outcomes for patients with diabetes by sharing and using data to refine best practices among 41 participating clinics. Due to Covid-restrictions, engagement among learning health networks has shifted to remote platforms, and may limit engagement among members. Clinics participate in regular collaborative-wide calls and one-on-one QI check-ins with a QI coach. Clinics can also participate in Committees and have access to an EMR-based data benchmarking platform.

Methods: T1DX-QI tracked network engagement quarterly, using the measures of: 1) Collaborative Calls; 2) Coaching Calls; 3) Committee participation; and 4) Data Benchmarking Platform Use. A radar chart (Figure 1) displays the percentage of clinics meeting the four engagement measures by quarter.

Results: Findings show an increase in data benchmarking platform use among clinics from 75% in Q1 to 86.7% in Q4. The remaining measures sustain an 85% engagement or higher from Q1-Q4, with increases in subsequent quarters. Concurrently, the number of clinics participating increased from 30 in Q1 to 41 at Q4.

Conclusions: Over the past year, T1DX-QI growth increased and engagement among clinics increased and sustained across various measured components. Future tracking will include data sharing via other platforms.

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