Lyons, S, Ebekozien, O, Garrity, A, Buckingham, D, Odugbesan, O, Thomas, S, Rioles, N, Gallagher, K, Sonabend, R, Lorincs, I, Alonso, G.T, Kamboj, M, Lee, J

Insulin pump therapy in pediatric type 1 diabetes has been associated with better glycemic control than multiple daily injections. However, insulin pump use remains limited. This article describes an initiative from the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative aimed at increasing insulin pump use in patients aged 12–26 years with type 1 diabetes from a baseline of 45% in May 2018 to >50% by February 2020. Interventions developed by participating centers included increasing in-person and telehealth education about insulin pump technology, creating and distributing tools to assist in informed decision-making, facilitating insulin pump insurance approval and onboarding processes, and improving clinic staff knowledge about insulin pumps. These efforts yielded a 13% improvement in pump use among the five participating centers, from 45 to 58% over 22 months.

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