DeSalvo, D, Ebekozien, O, Ospelt, E, Kamboj, M, Cobry, E, Polsky, S, Izquierdo, R, McDonough, R, Ogburn, S, Demeterco-Berggren, C, Jacobsen, L, Sonabend, R, Noor, N

Background and Aims: Evidence from clinical trials have demonstrated the glycemic benefits of hybrid closed‐loop insulin delivery systems (HCLS) in children and adults. The primary objective of this study was to provide real‐world data on glycemic outcomes and population characteristics in those using HCLS compared to other treatment modalities.

Methods: Electronic health record data (2019‐2021) from the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement (T1DX‐QI) Collaborative were analyzed for 15,091 people with T1D. Patients with data on insulin delivery mode [HCLS, sensor-augmented pump therapy (SAP), pump only, or multiple daily injections (MDI)], A1c at their most recent clinic visit, and other demographic covariates were included in this analysis. Individuals were classified across insulin delivery groups based on information documented by a healthcare provider at their most recent clinic visit.

Full study abstract listed under number OP049 / #141 at this link