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How often do you clean your skin with alcohol wipes before giving yourself an injection or inserting a new insulin pump site?

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T1D Exchange@T1D Exchange
RT @ebekozien: Can you improve #equity in #diabetes #research using quality improvement #QItwitter? In this new paper from our @T1DExchange

- August 17, 2022

T1D Exchange@T1D Exchange
RT @GingerVieira: #T1D adds a layer of stress to daily life whether you're hitting your A1c or "time-in-range" targets or not. It's a 24/7,…

- August 16, 2022

T1D Exchange@T1D Exchange
Do you know a graduate student interested in healthcare quality, data benchmarking, product development, or user engagement? Check out this exciting internship opportunity to learn with our team at #T1D Exchange this fall semester. Don't forget to share!

- August 16, 2022