Demeterco-Berggren, C, Ebekozien, O, Noor, N, Rompicherla, S, Majidi, S, Yayah- Jones, N-H, McDonough, R, Odugbesan, O, Kim, A, Izquierdo, R, Kamboj, M, Jacobsen, L

The optimal care of type 1 diabetes involves consistent glycemic management to avoid short-and long-term complications. However, despite advancements in diabetes technology and standards, achieving adequate glycemic levels in children and adolescents remains a challenge. This study aimed to identify factors associated with achieving the recommended A1C target of <7% from the United States–based multicenter T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative cohort, including 25,383 children and adolescents living with type 1 diabetes.

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