Odugbesan, O, Mungmode, A, Rioles, N, Buckingham, D, Grant, A, Hopkins, R, Cossen, K, Scott, M, Mathias, P, Adams, B, Addala, A, Baker, M, Ebekozien, O

Background and Aims: Despite documented benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitors and insulin pumps in managing type 1 diabetes, inequities in the use of devices persist with lower use among Non‐Hispanic Blacks and Hispanic patients compared to Non‐Hispanic White patients. We aimed to examine the role of insurance mediated provider implicit bias in recommending diabetes technology

Methods: One hundred and nine adult and pediatric diabetes providers across seven US endocrinology centers completed an implicit bias assessment using a revised D‐PIB tool. Providers were randomized and assigned case vignettes with different insurance statuses and patient names to proxy racial identity. Bias was tagged as providers recommending more technology for patients with private insurance or ranking insurance as one of the top 3 factors considered in recommending diabetes technology. Analysis was done using descriptive statistics and multivariate logistic regression.

Full study abstract listed under number OP063 / #188 at this link