Marks, B, Mungmode, A, Neyman, A, Levin, L, Rioles, N, Eng, D, Lee, J, Basina, M, Yayah-Jones, N. H., Mann, E, O’Malley, G, Wilkes, M, Steenkamp, D, Aleppo, G, Accacha, S, Ebekozien, O

This article describes the evolution of the Type 1 Diabetes Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative (T1DX-QI) and provides insight into the development and growth of a successful type 1 diabetes quality improvement (QI) program. Since its inception 8 years ago, the collaborative has expanded to include centers across the United States with varying levels of QI experience, while simultaneously achieving many tangible improvements in type 1 diabetes care. These successes underscore the importance of learning health systems, data-sharing, benchmarking, and peer collaboration as drivers for continuous QI. Future efforts will include recruiting additional small- to medium-sized centers focused on adult care and underserved communities to further the goal of improving care and outcomes for all people living with type 1 diabetes.

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