Ospelt, E, Hardison, H, Rioles, N, Noor, N, Crossen, S, Smego, A, Aleppo, G, Friedman, J, Eng, D, Sullivan, C, Majidi, S, Lorincz, I, Ebekozien, O.

Background: This study highlights perceived benefits and barriers to type 1 diabetes (T1D) autoantibody screening rates in U.S. endocrinology practices.

Methods: Fifty eligible endocrinology providers participated in a 15-question survey distributed via Qualtrics. Participants were recruited from the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative. Data was cleaned, sorted, and analyzed. Summary statistics, including frequencies and proportions for categorical variables were evaluated and plotted using bar charts. z

Results: Overall, 82% of providers stated interest towards autoantibody screening in their clinics. The following were ranked as benefits of autoantibody screening: opportunity for early diabetes management (90%), enrollment in research projects (84%), clinical guidance and diagnosing abilities (80%), and DKA prevention at diagnosis (76%). Providers identified multiple barriers to autoantibody screening in clinical practice including the associated cost and anxiety for patients, as well as limited staff time and resources.

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