It’s a new year! When you live with T1D, setting realistic goals is important — just remember, every big goal involves lots of patient little steps!  

We asked our Online Community what diabetes-related goals they set for themselves in 2023. Here’s what they had to say: 

  • “Experimenting with my diet to keep my glucose levels straight and not spikey.” 
  • “Make it to 2024…and beyond!”  
  • “My goal is to do the best I can! I would love to lose a few pounds and learn more of how-to bolus to keep my after-meal numbers level.” 
  • “To get healthier, all around, inside and out. Also, to stop rebounds of high and low.” 
  • “Lose weight and lower my A1C.” 
  • “I always try for better blood sugars/A1C each new year. This year, I am adding Time in Range!” 
  • “All I want to do is get back in my ‘diabetes groove’, by which I mean pods/boluses work as expected so that I am not having to correct and catch up as often.” 
  • “More advocacy for T1D rights and cure research.” 
  • “My goal is to keep on keepin’ on.” 
  • “Work to reduce the shaming and stigmatizing language around diabetes that is used by my colleagues.”  
  • “I want to decrease the amount of time I spend under 70 mg/dL. I hate highs so as a result I spend too much time in the lower range.” 
  • “Decrease my frequency of VERY low blood glucose. I’ve had too many of them, especially recently. Try to use more extended boluses and take my insulin a little closer to my mealtime.” 
  • “Finding a Cure for T1D rather than just living with it. That’s my goal.” 
  • “Really the same goal as every year and that’s to stay in range as much as possible without getting upset that perfection is never going to happen in this area.” 
  • “To stay the course of being in control of this thing called T1D to the best of my abilities.” 
  • “In 2023, I have two goals: I will participate in one T1D study and track/limit the amount of fat I eat.”

Did YOU set diabetes-related goals for 2023? Share with us in the comments! 

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