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T1DX-QI Learning Session 2022 Award Winners

Outstanding Adult PI: Francesco Vendrame, MD, PhD

This award is given to recognize a PI who has gone above and beyond in their leadership and modeling of QI methodologies in a clinical setting.

Why: He is tenacious; has ongoing projects despite having limited staffing, comes prepared for meetings and shares relevant slides, he worked hard with the IT team to get his data mapped. He is a thoughtful leader and recognizes the contribution of T1DX to his clinic.

“I’m very honored by this award recognizing my work done with the T1DX Collaborative. It’s exciting being part of such a tremendous initiative able to accelerate improvements and equity in care for people with type 1 diabetes.”

Outstanding Peds PI: Faisal Malik, MD, MSHS

This award is given to recognize a PI who has gone above and beyond in their leadership and modeling of QI methodologies in a clinical setting.

Why: Faisal is a passionate and committed QI leader. He is thoughtful and pragmatic about his project commitments, ensuring that he is aligning his division goals with the goals we are prioritizing in the Collaborative. He was a vocal advocate for the Transitions project this year, reaching across to other centers to build survey questions so that we can all learn more about Transition processes in practice today and improve what we are doing with care transitions tomorrow.

“I am so honored and humbled to receive the Outstanding Pediatric Principal Investigator award. I believe it is our obligation to help individuals with T1D live the best lives they can and feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the T1DX-QI community, which is passionately dedicated to that goal. I am inspired by our community’s commitment and ability to improve outcomes for the entire T1D population through our work together driving real-world evidence and collaborative change.”

Outstanding Pediatric Team: Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

This award is given to a well-rounded team who has embraced QI methodology wonderfully.

Why: The team is a part of multiple special projects; the Smartpen focus group in 2021, the equity pilot project, and the connected pen project. Grace and Blake have been phenomenal this year!! They both embraced new challenges and participated actively in monthly calls for the equity project and connected pen project. The team is active on collaborative calls and other committee meetings.

“It is incredible to be recognized for this award. We are grateful to be part of the T1D exchange QI consortium and somewhat overwhelmed to get this recognition amidst such an amazing group of people working together. We also couldn’t have done any of it without the support from our entire clinic staff. They have been instrumental in helping us implement all the changes and provide necessary feedback for successful quality improvement. As we move into 2023 we will continue to learn from the T1D team and hope to keep improving the care we provide for our patients. What we are accomplishing as a consortium truly shows the large power of small (purposeful) changes.”

Outstanding Adult Team: Boston Medical Center

This award is given to a well-rounded team who has embraced QI methodology wonderfully.

Why: As a team, BMC has embraced QI methodology wonderfully. Improvement journeys challenge us to identify pieces of processes that are within our control. The BMC team has faced every challenge as an opportunity to learn and expand, building sustainable processes, adjusting resourcing to meet demand, and involving the whole team in their improvement journey. Within a few months of joining the collaborative, they hosted our November 2021 virtual Learning Session, and many team members are involved in T1D Exchange projects and opportunities outside of their original QI project, such as the Health Equity Advancement Lab (HEAL) and the expanded diabetes device equity pilot project. Their commitment, involvement, teamwork, and improvement-minded approach is demonstrative of a successful and admirable QI team.

“The BMC adult diabetes team appreciates this award of recognition for the work we all do every day in our respective clinics – striving to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people living with T1D. We are thankful for the opportunity to participate and learn from our peers in the collaborative and for the support of the T1DX-QI”

Outstanding QI Champion: Jeniece Ilkowitz RN, MA, CDCES

This award is given in recognition of a coordinator who has gone above and beyond in their efforts to promote QI methodology and drive change in their clinical practice.

Why: She embraces new challenges, attends all meetings, and meets expectations for a QI Champion. She was in the weeds of the data mapping process for her team, presented at the QI Champion’s meeting, and finds value in being part of the T1DX. She has grown in her QI knowledge since joining the collaborative and is more comfortable using QI tools.

“I have been working as an RN, CDCES and researcher at the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital NYU Pediatric Diabetes Center for almost six years and on the T1D Exchange for the past few years. Through our center’s partnership with the T1D Exchange I have learned so much about performing quality improvement work, the amazing efforts being done at other centers, and about our patients here at NYU. With this newly acquired knowledge and the support of the T1D Exchange we have initiated many projects such as, intake forms and behavioral health screens, all things that will help provide our patients and their families with the best support and care possible. This community brings me so much hope and I am honored to be receiving this award and to be working with other people so passionate about improving diabetes care. Thank you!”

The Nicole Rioles Outstanding Parent/Patient Advocate: Emily DeWit, MASL

This award is given annually to recognize a patient or parent advocate that has contributed significantly to advancing the mission of the T1D Exchange QI Collaborative.

Why: As a parent of a child with diabetes, Emily has shared her experiences as a mom- what it’s like to manage the challenges of “constant vigilance,” the logistics of communicating with school systems, and how important it is for parents to connect with other parents to reduce feelings of isolation and normalized the day-to-day challenges of life with T1D.

“I truly appreciate how patient and parent voices are intentionally and thoughtfully woven into all of the meaningful work of the T1D Exchange.”

Previous Award Winners

2021 Winners

Outstanding Adult PI (Shivani Agarwal)
Outstanding Pediatric PI (Mary Pat Gallagher)
Outstanding Pediatric Team (Children’s Mercy)
Outstanding QI Coordinator (Jacob Less)
Outstanding Patient/Parent Advocate (Jeff Hitchcock)

2020 Winners

Outstanding Peds PI (Manu Kamboj)
Outstanding Adult PI (Ilona Lorincz)
Outstanding Patient advocate (Amy Ohmer)
Outstanding QI Coordinator (Margie Greenfield)
Outstanding Foundational team (Texas Children’s Hospital)
Outstanding New team (Rady Children’s)

2019 Winners

Outstanding Peds PI (Sarah Corathers)
Outstanding Peds Team (Barbara Davis Center)
Outstanding Adult Team (SUNY)
Outstanding QI Coordinator (Don Buckingham)