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Industry Partnerships

How industry partners are benefiting from collaborating with T1D Exchange

PROJECT: CGM company looking to compare outcomes for individuals with T1D using CGM vs traditional BGM

SCOPE: Investigate outcomes for both pump users and MDI
Identify hypoglycemic rates and DKA events
Categorize use of medical resources: clinic and ER visits, hospital admissions
Assess adherence and switching behavior between CGM & BGM

DURATION: Initial results 3 months; total engagement 12-18 months

PROJECT: Pharma company looking to explore perception of glucagon from both patient and caregiver perspective

SCOPE: Understand the experience of severe hypoglycemia
Study preference of drug administration method
Investigate patient willingness to try a new medication

DURATION: Phase I 9 month; Phase II 12 months

PROJECT: Diabetes software company looking to better understand the patient reported experiences associated with mild/moderate fluctuations in blood glucose levels

SCOPE: Correlate patient-reported experience with CGM data profile
Explore how these fluctuations impact the patient’s health and well-being

DURATION: Total engagement 7 months

Our Partners

The work done here would not be possible without our partners. We thank them for their effort and support. See who we are currently working with.

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