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Living with T1D

Connect with a Community That Gets It

The T1D Exchange Online Community is the place to share your experiences by answering Questions of the Day, discover research opportunities, read articles from diabetes experts, find out about the latest research news, and learn from other people in the T1D community!

Participate in T1D Research from Home

The T1D Exchange Online Registry is a research study, designed to harness the power of individuals with type 1 diabetes. You complete a questionnaire once a year.

  • Add your voice, experiences, and data to a body of evidence that grows over time.
  • Help accelerate the discovery and development of new treatments and potentially inform policy and insurance decisions .
  • Once you enroll, you can participate in more studies on specific topics related to type 1 diabetes.
  • The Registry is open to both adults and children with type 1 diabetes living in the United States.

How does the Registry work?

  1. Create and account to see if you’re eligible
  2. Read and sign the consent form
  3. Complete a questionnaire