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Equity Change Package

Seeking ideas for changes to improve the equitable use of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and Insulin pumps? Outlined here are change ideas that have been tested by T1DX-QI clinics with significant improvement. Changes can be quickly tested using the T1DX-QI Equity Framework and the IHI Model for Improvement rapid Plan Do, Study Act cycles.

This resource is best used in combination with relevant skills by clinicians, hospital administrators, and other healthcare stakeholders who seek ideas for changes to improve equitable access to diabetes technology.

Download this resource to access successful interventions and processes implemented by the T1DX-QI.

Learn more about:

  • The key driver diagram model
  • T1DX-QI 10-Step Equity Framework
  • Fishbone and contributing factors to diabetes device inequities
  • Project interventions and lessons learned
  • Center-Level Results of efforts
  • T1DX-QI Clinic Profile

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