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Calling All Afrezza® Users!

Do You Have Type 1 Diabetes?

We want you to share your experiences with type 1 diabetes through the T1D Exchange Registry!

The T1D Exchange Registry is a type 1 diabetes research study that shows how life with T1D can change from year to year. Participants complete a brief questionnaire once per year, allowing researchers to get a bird’s-eye view of diabetes management and outcomes over time.

We want to be sure Afrezza® users are represented in research. In order for the T1D Exchange Registry to accurately reflect the entire type 1 diabetes community, we need to hear from people who use all of the many different diabetes management tools.

Who is T1D Exchange?

T1D Exchange is a nonprofit research organization dedicated to accelerating therapies and improving care for people living with type 1 diabetes. We translate real-world experiences into real-world solutions that make your life easier. We aim to help T1D families through research at the clinic level through our Quality Improvement Collaborative, and through research at the personal level through our T1D Exchange Registry.

The T1D Exchange Registry Can Connect You to Additional T1D Research Opportunities

By joining the T1D Exchange Registry, you will get a personalized dashboard of optional in-person and online research opportunities for which you might be eligible. Some studies may offer compensation.