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Now enrolling adults with T1D for an investigational GLP-1/GIP study

T1D Exchange is collaborating with Carmot Therapeutics to help recruit for their clinical trial evaluating a new GLP-1/GIP specifically designed for people living with T1D.

T1D Exchange is not a sponsor and is not administering this clinical trial, nor are we implying that you will qualify. We are sharing this information with you so you can decide whether or not to seek more information or to participate.

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Carmot Therapeutics, Inc., is conducting a clinical trial to evaluate a new GLP-1/GIP for treatment of overweight and obese adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Over the past few years, GLP-1/GIP medications, such as Mounjaro, have transformed the diabetes management landscape through their ability to support weight loss and glucose management. However, these medications are approved only for those with T2D or obesity.

The clinical trial will help determine how well CT-868, an investigational GLP-1/GIP, works in promoting weight loss and improving glucose management in people living with T1D. This clinical trial will also determine the safety and tolerability of CT-868 in adults with T1D who are overweight or obese.


Carmot Therapeutics is looking for adults (age 18 or older) who:

  • Have type 1 diabetes;
  • Are generally healthy and do not use tobacco;
  • Have an A1C level between 7% to 10%;
  • Have been using a CGM for at least 3 months;
  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or greater and have not used any weight loss supplements within the last 6 months.

* The guidelines listed above are the primary eligibility criteria for this study. Only the clinical trial research staff can determine if you meet all eligibility criteria for this study.

Getting Started

Step 1: Complete a pre-screener questionnaire. This will help determine if you may be eligible to participate in the clinical trial.
Step 2: If your answers in the pre-screener suggest you may qualify, you will be provided with a list of study sites near you, along with contact information for the study coordinator.
See if You Qualify

To protect your privacy, we will not share your contact information with the study staff.
If you qualify and are interested in participating, you must contact the clinical trial staff directly.


  • Participants in the clinical trial will take either the study drug, called CT-868, or a placebo once per day for 16 weeks.
  • The study requires eight in-person visits and eight phone calls over this time period.
  • The clinical trial research staff will communicate other requirements.
  • Insurance is not needed to participate.
  • Qualified participants will receive payment for time and travel.
See if You Qualify
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