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Access to Clinical Care

A change package is a document that describes the improvement methodology for a clinical or operational process.

It includes a collection of ideas and resources that have a high likelihood of resulting in system improvements. These ideas have either been tested by a Learning Collaborative, sourced from evidence-based research literature, or developed by experts in the field. The change package is intended to be a pragmatic guide of best practices, testable ideas, tools, and strategies that can be adapted to a new setting, thereby accelerating implementation.

The Access to Care Change Package represents shared learning from seven clinical centers participating in the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative (T1DX-QI). This document aims to give a strong framework for successfully implementing the elements described to reliably implement interventions targeting access to care in a variety of clinical practice environments.

This document should be used by teams who are seeking ideas for changes to test for improvement efforts. It is best used in combination with other tools, including skills and experience with quality improvement methodology.