t1d exchange web siteFor the last 10 years, T1D Exchange has worked with the T1D community to drive change, build connections, and strive for better, longer lives for people with type 1 diabetes. Our community on Glu has been an essential component of that effort, as we’ve learned so much from you all of you about with T1D, sharing knowledge, offering support, accelerating research and more.

As we move into our next decade of work for our community, we want to be able to bring the best content to each of you, on the best platform possible. In addition, we want to make sure that all the resources we’ve created together – from COVID-19 information packages to sick day guides, personal testimonies, and population surveys – are as accessible, shareable, and visible as possible.

This will be that platform.

A New T1D Exchange Community

In order to do so, we have joined the T1D Exchange home page (T1DExchange.org) and Glu (MyGlu.org) website into a single, unified experience which will both allow easy access to all of our resources and improve usability, accessibility, and more.

Every current Glu member will have their account copied to this new Community site, where you will be prompted to create a new password and confirm your settings. All the functionality you’re used to – commenting on stories, answering Questions of the Day, viewing relevant and up to date content and so much more – will be not only preserved but also improved by our new technology and platform.

We’ll also be sending out periodic reminders to upgrade your account on the new platform, but don’t worry – the Glu site (myglu.org) will stay live for at least another month so that we have plenty of time to let everyone adjust and create their new password.

Your Participation Matters

We could not have built Glu, the T1D Exchange Registry, or the Quality Improvement Collaborative without your support and participation – and we need your help to share your voice as we enter into the next 10 years of driving better support for the T1D community, too.

We will be posting more information on this new platform as we move forward, and we will continue to engage you throughout this transition!