Everything you need to know this week about type 1 diabetes and coronavirus updates, in one easy-to-read place!

Researchers, advocates, clinicians, and organizations around the country and across the web have been hard at work, creating resources for people living with T1D to better handle the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

We’re taking the opportunity each week to share some of those resources that may help people get through this challenging time with the help of partners and experts.

We will be sharing the most recent, most relevant content from Beyond Type 1, JDRF, and more!

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Here are some of the stories to keep an eye on this week.

  • A New T1D Exchange Community. For the last 10 years, T1D Exchange has worked with the T1D community to drive change, build connections, and strive for better, longer lives for people with type 1 diabetes. We’d like your help to do more! Welcome – to the New T1D Exchange Community Experience.
  • Hurricane Laura caused extensive damages in Lake Charles, Louisiana if you know of any person with diabetes in need of insulin or support, please have them reach out to 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383). Mon-Fri, 9am-5:30pm ET.


  • Making the Most of CGM: Uncover the Magic of Your Ambulatory Glucose Profile. An AGP report combines several days of blood glucose readings into one snapshot. Learn why your ambulatory glucose profile matters and how to interpret the data here.

Med-IQ, JDRF, and The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

  • How can you best address the special needs of your patients with T1D who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant to help ensure that they and their newborns have optimal outcomes? Check out more here.

The College Diabetes Network

  • Managing a new job and T1D? This resource is all about insurance. Make sure to pick the right plan for you. Learn more here


  • Do you know someone living with T1D whose main language is not English? We have been translating personal stories and resources for people living with Type 1 diabetes into 6 different languages! Find out more here.
  • Type 1 diabetes and COVID-19: Going back to school. Developed by Diabetes School and JDRF Canada, this simple but comprehensive Back to School resource outlines relative risk and steps to take to keep people with T1D as safe as possible in a school environment.
  • A New Pancreas and a New Lease on Life. Brandon Mouw LIVED with T1D for 31 years, until his pancreas transplant. We do not often hear about the stories of those who have undergone a pancreas transplant. Explore his journey through this procedure and how he is living his life today.

Upcoming Events

Here are a few of the most exciting and important resources that we’ve seen about this topic in the last few weeks — we’ll be updating the list regularly as time goes on!

“Share your perspective about using Telehealth for T1D!”. UC Davis Health
  • First Immune-Evading Cells Created to Treat Type 1 Diabetes. Salk Institute scientists have made a major advance in the pursuit of a safe and effective treatment for type 1 diabetes, read more here.
  • People of Color: Help us share #BIPOC #Diabetes Voices on access to Technology & Care with decision-makers. What kind of experiences have you had? Fill out this quick 15 min survey from Diabetes Mine here.


  • Preparing for Natural Disasters During COVID-19. Feel ready for an unexpected wildfire, hurricane, or severe storm? Being prepared for any natural disaster always requires more planning, especially during a global pandemic. Check out this article on how to prepare for the unexpected.
  • Stress — Why and How You Should Reduce It. People with T1D must maintain precise blood glucose levels. Stress makes it difficult to manage T1D as it can throw off your daily routine. Check out this piece on what stress means for those living with type 1 diabetes.


  • On August 23, TCOYD is hosting a CME Conference for HCPs on opening two-way communication with patients to improve care.
  • On August 26 and 27, The Diabetes Technology Society is hosting a comprehensive virtual summit on Diabetes and COVID-19; registration is free