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T1D Exchange’s Allyson Hughes, PhD presents at Diabetes Distress Conference

Event Name: Diabetes Distress Conference Date: March 30, 2019 Location: Dover, NH T1D Exchange Attendees: Allyson Hughes, PhD and Lily Fuller

T1D Exchange’s Allyson Hughes, PhD presents poster at 40th SBM Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions

Event Name: 40th SBM Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions Date: March 6-9, 2019 Organized by: Society of Behavioral Medicine Location: Washington D.C. T1D Exchange Attendees: Allyson Hughes, PhD Link: https://www.sbm.org/

T1D Exchange’s Dara Schuster, MD attends T1D Exchange Investigator & Coordinator 2019 Meeting

Event Name: T1D Exchange Investigator & Coordinator 2019 Meeting Date: March 7-8, 2019 Location: Tampa, Florida T1D Exchange Attendees: Dara Schuster, MD

T1D Exchange’s Dara Schuster, MD attends 12th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatment for Diabetes

Event Name: 12th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatment for Diabetes Date: February 20-23, 2019 Description:The 12th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2019) is your opportunity to stay up to date and hear the latest cutting-edge advances in our field. The scientific program will bring together leading international experts to...

T1D Exchange’s Dara Schuster, MD serves on panel at BIO CEO Investor Conference

Event Name: BIO CEO & Investor Conference; New Treatments for Diabetes and Obesity: Innovations for Chronic Diseases Panel Date: February 12, 2019 Panel Description: BIO research on venture funding trends shows a long-term slowdown in overall investment in chronic diseases, despite their large patient populations, but with recent signs of hope in investor support for new treatments...

T1D Exchange’s Wendy Wolf, PhD and Kara Page attends JDRF’s 11th Annual nPOD Scientific Meeting

Event Name:  JDRF’s 11th Annual nPOD Scientific Meeting Date: February 19-22, 2019 Description: The Network for Pancreatic Organ donors with Diabetes (nPOD) is proud to host its 11th Annual Meeting at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, from February 19–22, 2019. Over the past eleven years, nPOD has made remarkable strides in terms of meeting its organizational goals. Key amongst...

T1D Exchange Names New Board Members

Expanded Board to Strengthen Type 1 Diabetes Expertise and Philanthropic Reach

T1D Exchange Teams with Tidepool to Leverage Device Data for Groundbreaking Study of Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers to Focus on Daily, Mild to Moderate Fluctuations in Glucose Levels and the Impact on Patient Wellness

T1D Exchange Launches One-Stop Resource for the Type 1 Diabetes Community

New website puts patients at the center of accelerating innovation and improving care.

Beyond Type 1 Diabetes: When T1D Isn’t the Only Uninvited House Guest

A T1D Exchange study analyzes the frequency of autoimmune disorders and T1D.

Three New Apple Watch Features for People with Type 1 Diabetes

One Drop announced its latest Bluetooth blood glucose monitor will transmit readings directly to most Apple Watches, and two other features that may help the diabetes community.

Moving the Needle on Insulin Delivery

Imagine a wristwatch that pulses insulin through the skin without a needle pricking the skin. “No pain. No site changes. Less consumables,” says engineer Nitin Saluja, PhD, co-inventor of this proposed insulin delivery system. It would work like an electronic pancreas, communicating via Bluetooth to a continuous glucose monitor. A sensor, used separately, would track...

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Her Sixth Decade

Bunny Kasper, who we have featured in T1D Exchange’s Patient Panelist Spotlight, talks candidly about aging with type 1 diabetes. Bunny Kasper didn’t know she had type 1 diabetes until she was in her late fifties. Her battle with diabetes began much earlier, however, at the age of 25. While pregnant with her first son, Kasper...

Diabetes Emergency Relief Coalition Wins Top Association Honor

ASAE recognizes coalition partners’ hurricane relief work with 2018 Summit Power of A Award. WASHINGTON (June 25, 2018) —The Diabetes Emergency Relief Coalition (Coalition), composed of leading diabetes care and research organizations, will receive the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) 2018 Summit Power of A Award for helping to provide critical diabetes supplies to regions...

Endocrinologist and Researcher Dr. Dara P. Schuster Named CEO of T1D Exchange

Dr. Schuster comes to T1D Exchange from Eli Lilly and Company, where she launched the company’s diabetes real-world evidence partnership development program. Boston, MA – June 22, 2018– T1D Exchange, a patient-centered research organization dedicated to accelerating therapies and improving care for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D), today announced that Endocrinologist Dara P. Schuster, MD, has...

Innovation Takes on Hypoglycemia

Protomer Technologies in Pasadena, CA, just nabbed first place in T1D Exchange’s 2018 Diabetes Innovation Challenge for its concept of a “smart glucagon” that would, in essence, cure severe hypoglycemia. As individuals with type 1 diabetes know, the pancreas normally releases a peptide hormone called glucagon, which tells the liver to start making glucose. However, individuals with type...

Innovators From 17 Countries Vie for $250,000 in Prizes Advancing Diabetes Care In the 2018 Diabetes Innovation Challenge

Submissions include research to develop new insulin delivery technologies, therapeutics, diagnostics, and digital app-based tools to improve outcomes Boston, MA – March 20, 2018 – T1D Exchange, a nonprofit research and collaboration organization dedicated to accelerating novel treatments to improve the care of people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), today announced that 60 academic researchers and...

Major Study Confirms Racial Disparities Related to Key Diabetes Indicator, Hemoglobin A1c

Standard Test for Determining Blood Sugar Control in People with Diabetes Is Not Always an Accurate Measure of Blood Sugar Control and Interpretation Differs Based on Race. Boston, MA – June 14, 2017 – T1D Exchange, an organization that is accelerating novel treatments and improving care, today published an important research study that confirms disparities...

Where are they now? “Enabling” a Type 1 Diabetes Diagnostic

It was the closest thing to a Eureka moment—at least as it happens today in science. While working in the UC Berkeley laboratory of now Stanford-resident chemist Professor Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD, Peter Robinson was toying with projects that apply chemistry to create tools for the detection of glycoproteins (proteins with carbohydrates attached). In the 90s, researchers had...