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Partner with the T1D Exchange Registry

The Registry’s long-term goals include ongoing longitudinal data collection and analysis, and introducing ancillary and external study opportunities to specific subgroups within our extensive cohort. 

By partnering with the T1D Exchange Registry, we can promote studies to a specific subgroup or to the whole Registry to assist in recruitment. In the future, we will have the ability for researchers to submit requests for certain datasets, shared as aggregate and de-identified, as well as the ability for studies to be displayed and completed through our platform.   

Learn more about the Registry here, or please contact the Registry team at with your name, affiliated organization, and a brief overview of your research proposal or goals.  

If you are interested in historical data from the T1D Exchange Registry or would like more information on datasets currently available, please contact or visit 

Become a member of the Quality Improvement Collaborative

Clinics in our QIC network develop and disseminate best practices in T1D care. QIC currently brings together 19 clinics across the United States that treat 29,000 (needs update) type 1 diabetes individuals.

QIC has seen significant success in improving patient care across member clinics, including a 15% increase in the acceptance and use of continuous glucose monitoring, and a 64% increase in depression screening.

T1D Exchange is actively recruiting new QIC clinics. Are you a clinician interested in joining our growing network? Learn more about the QIC here or contact us at

Clinic Partners

Our Quality Improvement Collaborative partners are some the most respected clinics in the US. See who we work with and found out how you can join to help impact change.

Industry Partners

Learn more about how companies are gaining better insight by engaging with our programs and taking full advantage of our research resources.