T1D Exchange Initiates Multimillion Dollar Investment in Automated Insulin Delivery Technologies

T1D Exchange Initiates Multimillion Dollar Investment in Automated Insulin Delivery Technologies

Ambitious Initiative Aimed to Speed the Development and Delivery of Safe, Effective Solutions for Those Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Boston, MA – October 5, 2016 – T1D Exchange, a nonprofit organization driving faster, better research to improve outcomes for people with type 1 diabetes, today announced it will make a multimillion dollar investment in automated insulin delivery (AID) technologies. The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust provided funding for T1D Exchange to invest in and help accelerate AID solutions.

“I have been involved in the fight for better diabetes solutions for almost two decades. Automating insulin delivery has the potential to dramatically improve quality of life for people with diabetes and we believe now is the time to further advance automated insulin delivery systems,” said Dana Ball, executive director and co-founder of T1D Exchange. “We are well positioned to leverage our expertise and unique perspective to identify and support novel technologies. We aim to make strategic investments that significantly advance components of AID as well as accelerate differentiated system approaches—all with the goal of easing the burden for people living with type 1 diabetes.”

“With this effort, we seek to significantly advance the development of automated insulin delivery and minimize barriers to commercialization,” said Dr. Henry Anhalt, chief medical officer (CMO), T1D Exchange and previously CMO and medical director of the artificial pancreas program at Animas, a Johnson & Johnson company. “Our fundamental goal at T1D Exchange is to accelerate the development of medical devices and treatments that have the potential to improve patients’ and caregivers’ quality of life and health outcomes. By supporting development of AID systems, we can qualitatively and quantitatively reduce the barriers to bringing these important innovations to the patients faster.”

In addition to its AID initiative, T1D Exchange is also supporting the advancement of next-generation therapeutics and other technologies aimed at improving T1D outcomes through its Diabetes Innovation Challenge, an open competition announced in partnership with M2D2, a joint venture of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Worcester campuses that incubates medical device start-ups. The goal of the Diabetes Innovation Challenge is to identify and accelerate transformational advancements in diabetes research and care. The Challenge will provide awards up to $150,000 in cash or services provided by program sponsors, including JDRF and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for transformative, next-generation diabetes solutions.

About T1D Exchange
T1D Exchange, a program of Unitio, was founded on the belief that improving outcomes in type 1 diabetes (T1D) requires a new approach—one that helps researchers conduct better research faster; better research because it’s patient-driven and more informed; faster research because T1D Exchange provides researchers with access to resources they need to conduct clinical studies. Our innovative model offers researchers access to aggregated clinical, biological, patient-reported outcomes and electronic health record data, all while fostering collaboration among patients, physicians, researchers and industry. Our model is multifaceted and complex, but our goal is simple: to tangibly improve outcomes for people with type 1 diabetes as fast as humanly possible.

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