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Thanks for your interest in the Living Biobank!

What is the T1D Exchange Living Biobank?

T1D Exchange Living Biobank empowers people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to participate in research by enabling them to contribute biosamples (such as blood or urine) to support the science community’s research studies.

The T1D Exchange Living Biobank only contacts participants for a sample as requests are received from qualified researchers. It’s a little like a match-making service. You provide blood samples “on-demand” if you match the criteria of the study.

We’re moving!

Our Biobank Operations Center is currently moving locations. While the Biobank has always been a part of T1D Exchange (a program of the nonprofit Unitio), our operations center, once housed at Benaroya Research Institute, is now moving to T1D Exchange’s program office in Boston.

T1D Exchange greatly appreciates your interest in the Living Biobank, and we hope you remain with us as we pursue our mission to drive faster, better outcomes in type 1 diabetes.

Can I enroll in the Living Biobank?

During this transition, while we can’t enroll you right away in the Living Biobank, you can still have an important role in driving patient-centered research that is critical to improving outcomes in type 1 diabetes.

  • Join Glu our online community for people living with or caring for someone with type 1 diabetes. This community shares and supports others living with T1D, while voicing their experiences in real-world research. When you join Glu, you will receive emails and updates on our research programs, studies and events.
  • Sign up to learn about future Living Biobank opportunities. We are planning to launch a future Living Biobank study. If you would like to be contacted once a new Living Biobank study is announced, please complete this contact form.

I am already part of the Living Biobank. Am I impacted by these changes?

If you are already a member of the T1D Exchange Living Biobank, you will be contacted directly about your participation in the near future. Until then, be sure to
join Glu!

Thank you again for your interest.

At T1D Exchange, we are committed to maintaining a robust Biobank that may lead to exciting advances in the basic science of type 1 diabetes. You are the most important part of this initiative and we thank you for your interest and participation!


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