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By centralizing thousands of biological samples—together with clinical, demographic, and study-derived information—the T1D Exchange Biobank aims to be a world-class resource for innovative research, and a catalyst for exchange of knowledge and collaboration.

The Biobank was created to address a significant unmet need; that of having
biological samples from well characterized individuals in order to better understand
the causes of Type 1 diabetes and the heterogeneity in clinical course over time
and responses to therapy.

Biosample specimen types include serum, plasma, white blood cells, DNA, and RNA.

Biobank Activities

Samples for storage in the sample repository have been collected as part of several T1D Exchange protocols, including from approximately 1,000 T1D Exchange Clinic Network participants who took part in the Residual C-peptide Study, the first large-scale longitudinal study looking at residual insulin production in people with T1D of varied age at diagnosis and disease duration.

The T1D Exchange Biobank has also supported more than 25 research studies involving 20 investigators across 19 research institutions.

Learn about the Living Biobank

The Living Biobank has empowered people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to participate in research by contributing biosamples. biosamples (such as blood or urine) to support the… Learn more