T1D Exchange Annual Meeting

T1D Exchange Annual Meeting 2017-06-12T10:50:09+00:00

At T1D Exchange, our mission is to improve care and accelerate therapies for people affected by type 1 diabetes.

Today, T1D Exchange is focused on four strategic initiatives to advance our mission:

  • Patient-Centered Research puts the community of people affected by type 1 at the center of research to drive solutions they need and want
  • Collaborative Science breaks down silos between research organizations across academia and industry for faster, more informed research
  • Improving Quality Care works with clinicians, patients and caregivers to address gaps in patient care and make the delivery of care more efficient and cost-effective
  • Accelerate Innovation finds, supports, and enables the entire ecosystem—from global pharmaceutical companies to entrepreneurs developing new solutions in their garage—to have visibility, resources, and support to advance the development of their solutions

Save the Date!

Join us for a day-long summit dedicated to Accelerating Therapies and Improving Care

On October 3, 2017, T1D Exchange will host its 5th Annual Meeting, an exclusive gathering of industry, foundation, investment, and research experts from around the country and the world. The objective of the interactive day-long summit is to discuss, explore and generate new ideas around the theme of Accelerating Therapies, Improving Care.

What You’ll See:

Patient Centered Research: Aging with T1D (Patient Panel)
This panel of people living with type 1 diabetes will discuss a variety of topics, including health changes as one ages, the challenges, gaps and burden of living with the disease over a long duration, challenges with access to care and why patient-centered research is so important in today’s healthcare landscape.

Collaborative Science
This is a high-level overview that illustrates the importance of access to well-annotated biospecimens from patients for industry research and precision medicine.

Improving Quality Care: QI 101
An overview of how T1D Exchange’s Quality Improvement (QI) initiative can leveraged by industry and other T1D Exchange members to learn valuable patient-driven outcomes from a clinic setting.

Accelerating Innovation: The Diabetes Innovation Challenge
Winning companies detail the breakthrough success of the 2016 Diabetes Innovation Challenge, illustrating T1D Exchange’s crucial role in the facilitation and acceleration of new and exciting innovations in diabetes.

Don’t miss this year’s Keynote Speaker, Greg Simon, Director, Biden Cancer Initiative

Greg Simon served as the Executive Director of the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force, a position created by President Barack Obama and for which he was chosen by Vice President Joe Biden in March 2016. Over the past nine months Greg and his team helped launch over seventy innovative collaborations. Greg returned to the White House after serving as Vice President Al Gore’s Chief Domestic Policy Advisor between 1993 and 1997. Greg was the CEO of Poliwogg, a financial services company creating unique capital market opportunities in healthcare and life sciences.

Previously, Greg was Senior Vice President for Worldwide Policy and Patient Engagement at Pfizer, co-founded with Michael Milken, FasterCures/The Center for Accelerating Medical solutions. With Leon and Debra Black, he co-founded the Melanoma Research Alliance. Greg is a cancer survivor, having been recently successfully treated for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Registration is not yet open for this event. Want to stay informed?

Email info@t1dexchange.org and use subject line “Annual Meeting.” We’ll be sure to send you updates regarding this meeting.