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Connect with a Community That Gets It

The T1D Exchange Online Community is a place to connect daily with thousands of people living with T1D! Each day, we offer a new question that digs into real life with diabetes. Your participation helps us better understand the most common challenges, favorite products, popular troubleshooting strategies, and so much more. Joining our Community also connects you with potential research studies and daily articles. We appreciate your participation!

Who Can Join?

Our 25,000+ community members include:

  • People living with T1D
  • Loved ones and caregivers of people with T1D
  • T1D healthcare professionals
  • T1D researchers
  • T1D industry professionals

Question of the Day: We Appreciate Your Voice!

Combined, our community members have many thousands of years of experience with T1D.

Questions of the Day are individual survey questions that look at one aspect of life with T1D each day. When you answer daily questions, your responses can influence research, support others impacted by T1D, and help us gather in-depth, real-life experiences of this disease.

Your Answers Influence T1D Research!

Members of the T1D Exchange Online Community advance research by participating in the research opportunities we share via email.

With the power of this community, researchers have learned more about many aspects of life with T1D through online surveys, virtual studies, and in-person clinical trials!

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