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Q2 2016

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Dana Ball:

Accelerating Tomorrow’s Diabetes Innovations 

In the almost two decades I have been working for the type 1 diabetes community, we have made real progress.

But we need to move further, faster.

I’m pleased to announce a new T1D Exchange initiative intended to speed the development of innovations that will help people with type 1 diabetes. 

The Diabetes Innovation Challenge is an open competition to identify and accelerate transformational advancements in diabetes research and care. The Challenge will provide at least two awards of up to $150,000 in cash or services provided by program sponsors for next-generation diabetes solutions.

While we find new and exciting ways to advance next-generation innovations, we also continue to work closely with our partners JDRF and The Helmsley Charitable Trust on the Health Policy initiative.  We want to ensure that as we develop innovative new solutions, we also pave the path for these solutions to be both accessible and affordable to the T1D community.

Stay tuned and we will continue to keep you informed about news and progress for these exciting programs.

Dana A. Ball
Co-Founder and Executive Director
T1D Exchange

Better Outcomes:

The Value of T1D Exchange Clinic Registry

View our slide show to see how the Clinic Registry is:
  • challenging long-held assumptions in type 1 diabetes
  • Illuminating unmet needs
  • changing standards of practice and care
  • and helping educate the T1D stakeholder community – clinicians, researchers, industry and people with type 1 diabetes—all leading to better outcomes, faster.
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A Complicated Meal:

A Better Pizza Bolus

At Glu, T1D Exchange’s online community of people touched by T1D, we have been trying to find tips to enjoy pizza—without experiencing the dreaded blood sugar spike. We used the Dexcom CGM as a way to learn…and then took the data to an expert. Learn what we found out!  >>GO

Science Spotlight:

Maria Redondo

The T1D Exchange Biobank is an important resource created to advance the understanding of T1D. It has been developed in collaboration with more than 2,000 individuals living with T1D and is being used by many of the brightest and best researchers working in T1D. 

We spotlight one research project led by Dr. Maria Redondo from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.  >>GO

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